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Barry Donadio​  

 Official Website 2023

Prospero Donadio

Shotguns By A Legend

Prospero Donadio was born in Italy and migrated to New York around 1889. He was a cousin of the famous Donadio Cameo makers that exist today in Naples, Italy. His first residence was in Manhattan where he worked as a Carpenter. By 1915 he was living at 11 Skillman Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York. This was the site of his gun shop and where he designed three successful patents.

One patent that was used, was for the "Secret Service Special" revolver in May 1917. The patent was used on Iver Johnson revolvers, Meriden revolvers, Hopkins & Allen Firearms, Harrington & Richard and an unknown firearms maker in Spain.

It is our understanding that for a period of time, Prospero was the only authorized Browning Firearms dealer in the entire state of New York.

Prospero worked in his gun shop until the construction of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway required it to be destroyed around 1937. After that, Prospero lived on Grand Street in Brooklyn.

After the demolition of his gun shop he lived at and had a second gun shop at 378 Grand Ave. in Greenpoint , Brooklyn. Which was very close to his first shop. 

On December 7th 1941 (Pearl Harbor Day) He passed away from a heart attack in his gun shop. It was said that he never knew the Japanese had attacked Peal Harbor that day. He was 74. 

Prospero Donadio Gun Shop 


(Torn down to build the BQE)

11 Skillman Ave

Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York

phone: EVergreen 8-4290 (circa 1930s)

Direct all inquires regarding Prospero Donadio Shotguns    to Barry Donadio