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 A  World Class Private Detective for all your needs

Barry Donadio is a famous Private Detective, Author and decorated veteran who has led an adventurous life. Born in Bay Shore, New York, he served honorably in the military, law enforcement, and the U.S. Secret Service, protecting Presidents Bush and Obama in the White House. Donadio received numerous medals for his military service, including the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal. After founding the prestigious security firm Public Security LLC in 2013, Donadio became a published author. His book "TWA Flight 800 First Responder Witness Account" recounts his actions during the 1996 crash, and his historical fiction novel "That Day When Hell Froze Over" followed in 2019. Donadio was elected to the Queen Anne's County Republican Central Committee in Maryland in 2014 and appointed Sergeant at Arms of the Maryland Republican Party in 2017. He continues to serve the Republican Party today in that capacity. In 2022, New York awarded Donadio the Medal for Merit and the Conspicuous Service Star for his military service decades prior. He has since published several more books on New York family histories. Donadio's varied career and selfless service has led to national fame and recognition.

Personal Bodyguard

National Security Consultant

Executive Protection

Private Investigations

Overseas Protection

Security Force Provider


Testify in court

We provide court appointed supervised child visitation in Maryland

We recommend our staff for the following people and occasions:


Because of their beatify and popularity, both male and female Models are vulnerable to victimization. Models least one trusted bodyguard / Protective Agent with them at all times during their performances 



We all know the dangers surrounding weddings and events before and after them. The potential for violence at weddings has been on the rise in recent years Many wedding establishments charge you for security as part of your wedding package, but have you checked the credentials of these Security Officers? Are they even trained to provide executive protection?  Weddings and especially Brides need a protective detail. They are most vulnerable while in a dress that restricts their movement. Give the gift of protection for a wedding. Don't ever have a wedding without having protection. 



Even at a town and or county level, Politicians are in need of private security for their protection. Politicians should always have a highly trained and experienced  Protective Security Officer with them while attending town halls, rallies, public speaking engagements and while on their campaigns. 



For obvious reasons, all Celebrities need a protective security detail where ever they go and at their homes. We offer confidential and trusted executive protection services to all Celebrities needing private security. Celebrities visiting Washington DC, New York Baltimore, Maryland should contact us at once to arrange services. Call us company President Barry Donadio directly at 202-631-1153 or Public Security LLC at 855-589-2267



The news is often cluttered with disgruntled employees who take out their rage on their former and other work peers.  These are circumstances that sometimes be avoided, but you can be prepared by using our Protective Agents to be at any hostile termination hearings, business strikes or any other occasion you feel is needed. 



We have assessed that winners of the lottery are more in danger than anyone on our list of people we recommend for needing executive protection.  For example, winning 100 million dollars is a joyful thing, but there are many unseen security risks and problems ahead for that winner. Not announcing that you have won the lottery (Even to your family) is our first suggestion.  The moment you win a large sum of money you become a target to a criminal enterprise that may stop at nothing to victimize you.  You may also gain the attention of foreign criminal groups operating in the United States.  Not to mention every hacker and thief in your area.  If you have recently won the lottery or received a substantial sum of money, life will change for you. We are here to protect you for these dangers and many more. Contact us at once 



All people that have recently been on the news need a protective security detail where ever they go and at their homes. We offer confidential and trusted executive protection services to all Celebrities needing private security. Celebrities visiting Washington DC, New York Baltimore, Maryland should contact us at once to arrange services. Call us company President Barry Donadio directly at 202-631-1153 or Public Security LLC at 855-589-2267


Every death threat should be taken seriously until Law Enforcement and longer a credible threat.  We can provide Armed Private Detectives and Security Officers to protect you at your home or your place of business.  We can provide protection on a temporary or permanent basis. We will coordinate with local Law Enforcement authorities to ensure your safety and security.  We cater to persons who have recently obtained peace, protective orders or orders of protection. 



A contested separation or divorce can lead to some significant security problems for you. We all know how some divorces can lead to criminal activity against the other party. We can provide you with armed close in personal security protection for the times you need it. We can also maintain security protection of you and your home during in your life. We provide court appointed supervised child visitation in Maryland 


With the police being defunded and officers resigning in droves, you may have noticed a decrease in services and longer response times. We do not anticipate a change anytime soon. Therefore, you should consider coming under our protection as our client. You never know when you will need us in the future.


Public Security LLC is a United States veteran owned Maryland licensed private investigation and security firm led by Barry Donadio (former member of the U.S. Secret Service). We offer the highest level of trust and confidentiality in the private sector. We provide Private Detectives, marked and unmarked security vehicles, private investigations, executive protection security, bodyguards and intelligence. We are ready to serve you at any time.


As Private Detectives;


We provide uniformed or under cover security teams to protect your home, business, event, and property when needed.

We act as personal bodyguards, protective detail, and escort for high-risk clients.

We protect your children and provide escorts for them when needed.

We provide consultation regarding security, investigations, intelligence, and national security.

We provide health and welfare checks and investigations at private homes.

We check on patients in hospitals and investigate the standard of their care.

We check on patients at nursing homes and hospitals. We are able to investigates their care.

We conduct investigations regarding animal abuse and neglect.

We can conduct complex surveillance operations on your behalf.

We can help you win a court case through conducting private investigations and working with your lawyer.

We can ever run errands and act as your trusted staff.


Barry Donadio

Lead Private Detective

Founder / President

Public Security LLC

Powers of Private Detectives in Maryland  

Authority to conduct an investigation that concerns:

1. a crime or wrong committed, assumed to have been committed, or threatened to be committed;

2. the identity, habits, conduct, movement, location, affiliations, associations, transactions, reputation, or character of any person;


3. the credibility of a witness or of any other individual;


4. the location of a missing individual;


5. the location or recovery of lost or stolen property;


6. the origin or cause of or responsibility for:

A. a fire;

B. an accident;

C. any damage to or loss of property; or

D. an injury to an individual;


7. the affiliation, connection, or relation of any person with an organization or other person; or


8. the activities, conduct, efficiency, loyalty, or honesty of any employee, agent, contractor, or subcontractor;

(ii) securing evidence for use before any investigating committee, board of award, or board of arbitration or for use in the trial of any civil or criminal cause;

(iii) nonuniformed personal protection; or

(iv) conducting an investigation to locate or apprehend a fugitive from justice, unless the person:

1. conducting the investigation is a property bail bondsman or licensed by the Insurance Commissioner of the State or a similar licensing body of another state as a bail bondsman;

2. is an employee of a property bail bondsman or a licensed bail bondsman for the purpose of locating or apprehending fugitives from justice; or

3. is authorized as an agent by a property bail bondsman or licensed bail bondsman in advance of the apprehension of a fugitive from justice.

Powers of Private Investigators in New York 

Investigations for the purpose of obtaining information with reference to any of the following matters, 


Crime or wrongs or threatened against the government of the United States of America or any state or territory of the United States of America.


The identity, habits, conduct, movements, whereabouts, affiliations, associations, transactions, reputation or character of any person, group of persons, association, organization, society, other groups of persons, firm or corporation.

The credibility of witnesses or other persons.

The whereabouts of missing persons. 


The location or recovery of lost or stolen property.

The causes and origin of, or responsibility for fires, or libels, or losses, or accidents, or damage or injuries to real or personal property.

The affiliation, connection or relation of any person, firm or corporation with any union, organization, society or association, or with any official, member or representative thereof; with reference to any person or persons seeking employment in the place of any person or persons who have quit work by reason of any strike.


Or with reference to the conduct, honesty, efficiency, loyalty or activities of employees, agents, contractors, and sub-contractors. 


Securing of evidence to be used before any authorized investigating committee, of arbitration, or in the trial of civil or criminal cases. 


We have the authority to provide the following Security Services in New York:


Protect persons or property or to prevent the theft or the unlawful taking of goods, wares and merchandise, or to prevent the misappropriation or concealment of goods, wares or merchandise, money, bonds, stocks, in action, notes or other valuable documents, papers, and articles of value, or to procure the return thereof or the performing of the service of such guard or other person for any of said purposes.


Protection of individuals and/or property from harm, theft or other unlawful activity.


Deterrence, observation, detection and/or reporting of incidents in order to prevent any unlawful or unauthorized activity including but not limited to unlawful or unauthorized intrusion or entry, larceny, vandalism, abuse, arson or trespass 


Street patrol service.


Response to security system alarm installed and/or used to prevent or detect unauthorized intrusion, robbery, burglary, theft, pilferage other losses and/or to maintain premises.

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