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Barry Donadio, A keynote speaker with experience and authority on the hottest topics in 2024

Next appearance: April 27th 2024 Dorchester County, Maryland

Republican Cetraal Committee dinner. More information to follow soon

Barry Donadio, Guest Speaker

Sometimes kids have to hear it coming from someone else

Barry Donadio is now taking requests to  speak to school and college students of all ages to share his experiences and warn against the dangers of drugs, alcohol  ,  social media addiction. and overall  negativity.   Donadio spreads a positive message and encourages  students to follow their  dreams and goals . He reminds  them that anything is possible    if they work hard enough to achieve  it.

A voice from the Catholic Laity

Donadio also  is accepting requests to speak at Catholic based groups, schools and institutions. 


For other audiences:

Barry Donadio is available to speak on the news, youtube or live about the following subjects:


Ukraine  Conflict

Russia Threat

China  Threat

Taiwan   struggle for democracy

The White House

U.S. Secret Service

National Security


Law Enforcement

The Second Amendment




Military Strategy

Foreign Conflicts and their future outcomes

National Republican Politics

Maryland Politics

New York Politics

TWA Flight 800


Middle Eastern War Zones


Foreign Military Strength


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Barry Donadio Celebrity Author

Author Barry Donadio To Hold Book Signing In Holtsville, New York on July 16th 2022

Celebrity Author Barry Donadio will be conducting a signing and book release for his second book “That Day When Hell Froze Over”. The event will take place on July 16th 2022 from 7pm to 9pm at the Holiday Inn located at 1730 North Ocean Ave.,Holtsville, New York 11742. All members of the public are welcome to attend and meet Barry Donadio.

Barry Donadio   Addressed Students Of  Caroline  Career & Technology Center 4/12/2022

On April 12th 2022, Appeared as a guest speaker to students of Caroline County, Maryland schools district. Donadio spoke to students on the importance of cyber security  constitutional law in the work place . 

Barry Donadio, national Security Consultant, Former United States Secret Service
Barry Donadio appears on TV Free Baltimore

Barry Donadio Appears On  TV Free Baltimore / Protect The Second Amendment  3/29/2022

On March 29th 2022., Barry Donadio  appeared on TV Free Baltimore   with host Beth Lawson.   The focus was the Second Amendment 

Barry Donadio Appears at the Howard County Republican Women's Club, Maryland

Barry Donadio   At Howard County Republican Women's Club 2/15/2022

On February 15th 2022, Barry Donadio  spoke on the second Amendment to a group of Howard County, Maryland Republican Women and  pro-gun group  "We The People 2"

Barry Donadio  Speaks To Students Of We Teach The Basics LLC  December 27th 2021

December 27th 2021 ,Barry Donadio appeared to students of We Teach The Basics LLC during the 3-2-D Follow-Up. . Donadio  spread a n empowering message of positivity

Barry Donadio speaks at " We Teach The Basics LLC" in Maryland

Barry Donadio  Appears Live on  DIRECTLINE  July 14TH 2021

JULY 14th 2021 - Barry Donadio appeared live on   DIRECTLINE to share views  regarding the 2nd  Amendment.

Barry Donadio appears live on "Direct Line"

Barry Donadio Reflects On Events Surrounding September 11th 2001

June 8th 2020 -An interview with U.S. Air Force Security Police Forces Officer Staff Sergeant Barry Donadio. What was it like during the September 11th 2001 attacks in New York?

Barry Donadio reflects on the events surrounding September 11th 2001 and his actions that day.
Barry Donadio runs for Queen Anne's County Commissioner in MAryland 2018

Barry Donadio On Maryland Politics

The Chestertown Spy Newspaper continues with a conversation with Republican Barry Donadio from Queen Anne's County. Like many residents of western Queen Anne's, Barry commuted across the Bay Bridge from his home in Chester for more than a decade as part of the Secret Service assigned to protect both presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. After retiring in 2013, he quickly signed up as a volunteer for the GOP in QAC and eventually ran and won a seat on the county's Republican Central Committee the following year.

Barry Donadio Addressed Salisbury University College Republicans

Barry Donadio, a Maryland Republican Politician will spoke on February 20th 2018 to the general membership of the Salisbury University College Republicans and other Republican constituents in Salisbury, Maryland. Elements of the Wicomico County Republican Club and Republican Central Committee are expected to attend. The Salisbury University College Republicans requested 

Barry Donadio speaks at a gathering of the Salisbury University College Republicans.
Barry Donadio speaks at the Wicomico County Republican meeting June 26th 2017. Second Amendment

Donadio speaks about Second Amendment rights

Barry Donadio gave remarks on the Second Amendment on June 26 to Republican constituents in Salisbury. The Wicomico County Republican Club of Maryland hosted his appearance and discussion at the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce located at 144 E. Main Street.

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